Feel the energy of a real cabaret: Charlotte – the timeless classics and eternal fire of love. The rhythm starts gradually, coming out from the depth of the soul. Passionate movements, fire eyes, less barriers, more revelations. Red is the color of passion, everyone knows it, and now you feel it like never before.

All around you are shameless harlots dressed in red… the girls are ready to throw their dresses off and take you to another level of pleasure! Bold in everything, these wild beauties take your heart into their gentle hands and challenge you – can you surrender to instincts and lose your mind completely? Dare to admit what you really want… remember your untold dreams. Tambourines are ringing, hearts are beating harder and faster, beating the rhythm in which wet and hot bodies move…

The power of feelings – that’s what our guest will see during the show “Harlots”. Sexuality above anything else. The feelings possess you and time no longer exists. When you are around harlots, you are inside the whirlwind of their passion. They will show you everything. They will be on top. They are not shy about anything.