You’re about to start a dangerous game of love. The show of shameless beauties begins, who charm you and blow your mind. They’re too dangerous for your heart. Don’t be afraid, just be yourself, tear off your mask. Here’s what you’ll feel – you’ll go insane with these beasts.

You can’t get enough of them. No jokes, they are really this wild. Look, they are not afraid to expose everything – thier body and soul. Can you do the same? Ready to follow your nature? Stop hiding behind the veil of ordinary life. Let the daredevil out, we know who you are.

We are energetic, we are dominant, and so are you, we know. That’s why you’re here at the Charlotte cabaret tonight… Not afraid to burn in my fire? Let’s light it up together. Let’s reach the end together in passion… Be bold. Do whatever you want with me. It’s not scary, believe me. Show “Maruv” – it’s all about sex, buzz and girls with no brakes. You will not want to go back …