Dear passengers, fasten your seat belts! Our plane is going on an erotic flight! It’s your dream where an ordinary flight suddenly turns into a marvelous show of hot pilots. Close your eyes. Now you’re not an ordinary passenger. Open your eyes. Welcome to the craziest airshow at the Charlotte cabaret! The duration of our flight is endless, the temperature in the cabin is perfect for love.

No rules on our board! We’re traveling to the land of secret desires! Everything turns upside down, and a regular flight turns into an orgy of passion on board! You’ll remember this unreal flight for your whole life. The wildest dreams come true here, as the pilots turn out to be stunning beauties, and you lose control with this mindblowing nasty pilots.

Trust them, they will lead you to the cherished land of ecstasy. Our plane takes off from the ground and flies at an altitude of thousands of meters above the ground, surrendering to the beat of music and love. Forget about modesty, use a life jacket only to rip it off and turn it over your head in the insane rhythm of the dance, forget about reality, only pleasures matter! No we’re in the turbulence zone of love! It’s not scary! Unfasten your belts!